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Section 99.865.8, RSMo, requires the State Auditor’s Office to provide a searchable database of municipal tax increment finance reports. Local Tax Increment Financing (local TIF) permits the use of a portion of local property and sales taxes to assist in funding the redevelopment of certain designated areas within their community. For more information, refer to Department of Economic Development - Business and Community Services at


Source: Unaudited data from the Department of Revenue


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Year data was reported to the state:

Finance Reports Containing Year Ended:

Plan / Project Name:



Year ReportedApproved ByPrimary County?Year EndedPlan / Project Name
2019SikestonYes201960 West-Malco
2018SikestonYes201860 West-Malco
2017SikestonYes201760 West-Malco
2016SikestonYes201660 West-Malco
2015SikestonYes201560 West-Malco
2019SikestonYes201960 West-RPA-2A
2018SikestonYes201860 West-RPA-2A
2017SikestonYes201760 West-RPA-2A
2016SikestonYes201660 West-RPA-2A
2019SikestonYes201960/61 TIF District
2018SikestonYes201860/61 TIF District
2017SikestonYes201760/61 TIF District
2016SikestonYes201660/61 TIF District
2015SikestonYes201560/61 TIF District
2014SikestonYes201460/61 TIF District
2013SikestonYes201360/61 TIF District
2012SikestonYes201260/61 TIF District
2011SikestonYes201160/61 TIF District
2010SikestonYes201060/61 TIF District
2009SikestonYes200960/61 TIF District
2009SikestonYes200960/61 TIF District
2008SikestonYes200860/61 TIF District
2007SikestonYes200760/61 TIF District
2019SikestonYes2019Colton's Steakhouse and Grill
2018SikestonYes2018Colton's Steakhouse and Grill
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