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Financial Reports

for Hickory County

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11 Records
Report Year
View 09-043-0001City of Cross TimbersMunicipality 1 Year12/31/2019 No 08/02/2020
View 09-043-0002City of HermitageMunicipality 1 Year06/30/2020 Yes 10/22/2020
View 09-043-0004City of WeaubleauMunicipality 1 Year06/30/2020 Yes 11/09/2020
View 09-043-0005City of WheatlandMunicipality 1 Year06/30/2019 Yes 10/09/2019
View 35-043-0000Hickory CountyCounty     
View 18-043-0001Hickory County Health DepartmentHealth Center 1 Year12/31/2019 Yes 08/06/2020
View 10-043-0001Hickory County Library DistrictTax Supported Public Library 1 Year12/31/2019 No 04/15/2020
View 12-015-0005Northwest FPD Camden CountyFire Protection District 1 Year12/31/2019 No 08/07/2020
View 04-043-0001PWSD 1 Hickory CountyPublic Water Supply District 1 Year12/31/2011 No 04/10/2012
View 04-043-0002PWSD 2 Hickory CountyPublic Water Supply District 1 Year12/31/2019 Yes 07/13/2020
View 09-043-0003Village of PrestonMunicipality 1 Year12/31/2019 No 05/04/2020