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Bonds Registered with the Missouri State Auditor's Office  
for Webster County

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The Missouri State Auditor's Office is responsible for reviewing and registering general obligation bonds issued by political subdivisions in Missouri, with certain exceptions, to ensure those bonds comply with both state law and the conditions of the contracts under which the bonds are issued. Information regarding each bond issue registered with this office since January 1, 1999, is being made available to interested parties and the public through this site.

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Date of RegistrationBonds Issued ByPrimary County?Amount of Issue
11-04-2020Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$9,330,000.00
08-31-2020Fordland R-3 School DistrictYes$2,640,000.00
12-10-2019Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School DistrictNo$5,890,000.00
11-27-2019Marshfield R-I School DistrictYes$3,950,000.00
06-04-2019Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$7,500,000.00
05-31-2019Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School DistrictNo$8,000,000.00
02-21-2019Marshfield R-I School DistrictYes$506,756.76
06-22-2018Marshfield R-I School DistrictYes$8,000,000.00
04-02-2018City of MarshfieldYes$10,000,000.00
08-22-2016Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$10,000,000.00
07-18-2016Laclede County R-I School DistrictNo$2,700,000.00
03-03-2016Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School DistrictNo$8,115,000.00
07-07-2015Fordland R-III School DistrictYes$3,800,000.00
07-01-2014Rogersville, MissouriYes$2,060,000.00
06-02-2014Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School DistrictNo$8,590,000.00
04-24-2014Marshfield Reorganized School District R-1Yes$5,215,000.00
02-27-2014Fair Grove R-X School DistrictNo$6,150,000.00
02-11-2014Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$5,000,000.00
05-31-2013Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$10,000,000.00
12-11-2012Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$2,300,000.00
08-14-2012Webster County, Neighborhood Improvement DistrictYes$60,000.00
05-31-2012Fair Grove R-X School DistrictNo$2,000,000.00
01-10-2012Strafford R-VI School DistrictNo$2,570,000.00
04-08-2011Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School DistrictNo$2,435,000.00
07-01-2010Marshfield Reorganized School District R-IYes$712,000.00
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