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AuditDate IssuedAudit Number
Follow-Up Report On Audit Reports Village of Ferrelview 12-20192019-122
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Smithville Area Fire Protection District 09-20192019-086
Village of Ferrelview 03-20192019-019
Smithville Area Fire Protection District 09-20182018-099
Sixth Judicial Circuit Village of Ferrelview Municipal Division 01-20182018-004
Park Hill School District Student Data Governance 09-20162016-084
Judiciary Missouri Court of Appeals Western District 01-20132013-011
Revenue - Platte City Contract License Office 11-20122012-137
Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners 08-20122012-82
Revenue / Kansas City-Fletcher Daniels Building Contract License Office 11-20112011-98
Higher Education / Northwest Missouri State University 09-20112011-47
Platte County Public Water Supply District #6 01-20102010-07
City of Tracy, Missouri 09-20092009-101
Sixth Judicial Circuit / City of Tracy / Municipal Division 08-20092009-79
Village of Iatan 05-20092009-42
Seventh Judicial Circuit City of Smithville, Missouri / Municipal Division 12-20072007-78
Sixteenth Judicial Circuit City of Kansas City, Missouri / Municipal Division 03-20062006-17
City of Dearborn, Missouri Year Ended December 31, 2004 10-20052005-81
Sixth Judicial Circuit / Platte County, Missouri 08-20052005-58
Department of Mental Health Kansas City Regional Center 12-20042004-100
Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners 11-20042004-86
Department of Mental Health Higginsville Habilitation Center 08-20032003-88
H. Roe Bartle Hall 02-20022002-15
Department of Corrections Kansas City Community Release Center 09-20012001-88
Kansas City Metropolitan Community Colleges 06-20012001-50