Audit Reports for Cole County

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AuditDate IssuedAudit Number
Village of Centertown 05-20182018-031
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit - City of Jefferson Municipal Court 12-20132013-137
Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District Region H 05-20132013-035
Judiciary Missouri Court of Appeals Western District 01-20132013-011
Revenue - Jefferson City Contract License Office 10-20122012-120
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings - Nineteenth Judicial Circuit - Cole County Civil and Criminal Divisions 09-20122012-111
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Cole County Civil and Criminal Divisions 04-20122012-30
Prosecuting Attorney / Cole County 04-20082008-24
County Collector / Cole County 02-20082008-07
Corrections / Jefferson City Correctional Center 08-20062006-46
Department of Corrections Algoa Correctional Center 12-20042004-96
19th Judicial Circuit - Cole County 01-20002000-01