Audits in Progress

The State Auditor's office performs audits of state agencies, boards and commissions, the circuit court system, the 89 counties in Missouri that do not have a county auditor, and other political subdivisions upon petition by the voters or Governor's request. The office also performs annual financial audits of the state's financial statements and the Office of the State Treasurer, and annually audits compliance with federal requirements applicable to major federal grant programs for which the state receives funding. Audits may take a few weeks to several months depending on the scope of the audit work. It may take at least a year from the initial start of some audits until the audit report is issued. The following audits are currently in-progress or have recently been issued.

6th Judicial Circuit Ferrelview Municipal
Camden County
City of Bethany *
City of Coffey *
City of Winona *
Dade County
Department of Conservation
Department of Revenue State and Local Sales and Use Tax
DSS-SNAP Data Analytics Program
Greene County Fire Protection Districts
Harris-Stowe University
Hazelwood School District *
Kinloch Fire Protection District
Medicaid Prescription Drug Oversight
Office of Administration - MOBUYS
Shannon County
Sixteenth Judicial Circuit - Sugar Creek Municipal Division
Smithville Fire Protection District *
St. Louis County Fire Protection Districts
State Treasurer's Office
Statewide Financial Statements
Statewide Single Audit
Stoddard County
Stress Test
Sullivan County Follow Up
Thirty-Seventh Judicial Circuit - Winona Municipal Division
Timeliness of Income Tax Refund Issuance - Completed - 01/08/2018
Vernon County Ambulance District
Village of Centertown *
Village of Ferrelview *
Weigh In Motion Contracts

*   Petition
** Governor request

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