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AuditDate IssuedAudit Number
Public Higher Education Funding and Affordability 08-20162016-071
General Assembly and Supporting Functions Senate 08-20162016-070
General Assembly and Supporting Functions House of Representatives 08-20162016-069
Lawrence County Financial Statements 08-20162016-068
Wright County Financial Statements 08-20162016-067
Polk County Financial Statements 08-20162016-066
Office of Administration - Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction 08-20162016-065
Village of South Greenfield 08-20162016-064
Monthly Report on Municipal Court and Revenue Filings July 2016 08-20162016-063
Twenty - Seventh Judicial Circuit City of Rich Hill Municipal Division 08-20162016-062
Twenty Ninth Judicial Circuit - City of Carl Junction Municipal Division 08-20162016-061
Carroll County Financial Statements 08-20162016-060
Ripley County Financial Statements 08-20162016-059
Cape Girardeau Public School District Student Data Goverance 08-20162016-058
Montgomery County Financial Statements 08-20162016-057
Twenty - Sixth Judicial Circuit City of Linn Creek Municipal Division 08-20162016-056
Office of State Courts Administrator System of Case and Record Management of the Judiciary 08-20162016-055
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit City of Huntsville Municipal Division 08-20162016-054
Higher Education 08-20162016-053
Carter County Financial Statements 08-20162016-052
Vernon County Financial Statements 08-20162016-051
McDonald County Financial Statements 08-20162016-050
Bates County Financial Statements 08-20162016-049
Vernon County 07-20162016-048
Monthly Report on Municipal Court and Revenue Filings June 2016 07-20162016-047